I started this blog to fulfill a course requirement for Public and Digital History at Western University in Ontario, Canada. The blogging experience was great for a number of reasons.  It taught me to be an active reader, processing what I read each day.  It taught me to think through my own ideas on issues, wrestling with them until they were coherent.  It taught me to enter into conversations with writers, and not take their arguments at face value.  And it taught me to develop a voice, even though sharing my writing is something that gives me anxiety.  (Hitting “publish” still produces beads of sweat on my forehead)

I have returned to the blog inconsistently since the class ended in 2012.  My original focus for this blog was  technology and culture.  But since I am a 4th grade teacher at a classical and Christian school, I love to write on education and any other topics that catch my attention throughout the day.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Spent a year dashing out bit strings coming to conclusion how alphabet/any bit string identifier is the observer’s property, then found a definition representation of the design in Black’s Law (contact me for explanation). This article, https://davesikkema.wordpress.com/category/online-identity/, is awesome; couldn’t find a better agreement with my findings. Be great to work on biometric identity policy, have been in contact with Biometrics Institute and other projects eg. dig public space BBC

    Nice blog

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